Why Listen to Sad Music Makes You Feel good

Music has a deep-rooted relationship with the universe, and music is everywhere in the voice of the birds, animals, in air and mother voice for their children; everything is music in the world. Music is the expression of humans’ feelings in the form of sounds. But every music does not give you peace after listening. Especially sad music gives humans joy, and they feel better after listening to music. According to the research listening to sad music make us better-off in life. As we know, humans have feelings in which they feel joy, sorrow, and many other emotions, but the feeling of sorrow has greater strength in our bodies. Humans experience grief in multiple times in a day; hence, sad music makes those feeling more powerful, which heals humans’ wounds internally. The people who are in deep depression could seek relief by listening to the melody. It can heal their wounded souls. When people are going through their tough times, they can compare themselves with others, which is called downward comparison. When they listen to sad songs, they can imagine the signer may be gone through a worse time. It makes them feel better. Sad music is a persuasive spark for sentimental memories of the past, which reflect their nostalgic memories. And we enjoy a delightful taste of unforgettable memories. When someone listened to sad music, a hormone prolactin release to produce feelings of calmness, listening to sad songs can cause a listener to feel free from his/her pain. It changes the mood of the listener. The lyrics of sad songs may be echoed with the personal experience of the listener. And give the voice to the feelings of the listener. In this way, a listener could feel better. The music provides the company with the listener who feels lonely. And this imaginary friend can be relatable with the listener’s situation. Listening to music while doing yoga is the best combination to relieve the sorrow of your souls. Music therapists also use this technique to cure their patients. When someone cries after listening to music, it reduces their bitter pain. Music can also cause creativity in listeners to do some artwork.

Sad music disengages the person through his/her stressful life. The need for sad music is to distress from heartbroken time. When your body feels pain, you try to heal your body by doing some specific medication. For example, if your body part burnt, you apply something to it to feel better. If you are suffering from an infection, use the medicine to kill the germs or cure the infection. Sad music also works in the same way by drawing your emotions. The tunes of music forces you to cry. And you feel that you are flowing with the melodious voice, which is curing

your inner soul. By listening to sad music, your emotions come out, which overcome your sadness. And makes you more productive and creative.

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