What Is a Good Gaming Headset for Pc, Xbox One and Ps4?

Many types of headphones are being offered on the market. Mainly, three types are the most popular. Consumer headphones, studio headphones, and gaming headphones. First you need to determine the usage of consumers, whether you will use it yourself or want to gift it to your friend, family, workmates.  Selecting the headphone type depends on the usage.

Consumer headphones are normal ones popular in the market. We use them to watch movies, listen to songs, listening to podcasts, or normal communication usage. But there are many qualities are available in this category too. And the quality depends on the budget you have. Luckily, these days headphones are available in every budget. But still, you need to research before buying one as you might end up spending a hefty amount of cash in a headphone from a brand that will promise you many things on the box but when you will open the box, it won’t deliver the desired sound performance or it might not meet your expectations.

They design the studio headphones for the audiophiles who do not want to compromise on the sound quality. for example, Dj’s, music producers, sound editors or a person who wants to experience each bit of sound that he/she like. These headphones boast the top quality drivers inside them so they produce the most accurate sound, they are made with extremely comfortable material especially on the earcups so they put the least pressure on ears and the user doesn’t get any pain for prolonged usage. and several of them are also equipped with sophisticate electric chips inside them that allow them to function many appealing features like noise-canceling, AI assistance support Alex, Siri, adaptive environment and the list goes on. And they don’t come at a low price, you will need to pay a substantial amount of money to buy them.

People love to play video games, and the companies are producing gadgets that make the gaming geeks spend money on them. At this moment, Video gaming is a multi-billion industry. If you are one of them, you should probably know that there are specific gaming headsets available on the market that you need to use to experience the games more realistic. They have a special dedicated look of gaming with bright colors and bigger sized ear cups as compared to the other headphones that have sober looks. They come equipped with 7.1 surround features that convert your games into an immersive experience. With this technology, you can hear the audio from every angle instead of listening through only 2 channels through a normal stereo headphone. Moreover, multiplayer gaming is on the trends. Whether you are playing Fortnite of Pubg you might want to chat with your friends or teammates to make strategies.

According to NPD Group, After the release of multi-player games, there was a steep increase in the sales of gaming-related accessories specifically gaming headsets, mouse, keyboards, graphics cards and many more. The gaming headphone sales increased by 78% in the year of 2018. The stats show great demand for headphones as they are a necessary accessory for multiplayer games like Fortnite, Far Cry and others. So What are the factors that make gaming headsets preferable over a normal consumer headphone that we use for our regular usage? let’s find out why gaming headsets are better than traditional headphones we use and why you need to spend additional money on them.

Why We Need Gaming Headsets?

Speakers would work fine if you are not serious at playing games and only play them for casual. but if you have decided to invest your time in gaming and get confidence around your friends by winning a couple of tournaments then you should think about replacing the speakers with new gaming headsets. Speakers might produce good sounds even the most high-end ones but still they can not compete with the gaming sound experience that we get through gaming headsets.

The headsets throw the sound directly to your ears so there is not any risk of getting you disturbed by any other noise around yourself that could be devastating for your gameplay. Only real game players can know how much is it important to be fully focused while playing games. If even you lose the focus for a few moments it can lead to drastic results in the game. Multiplayer games advanced in the last few years due to higher internet speeds that made it possible to play multiplayer games in real-time reducing the ping times. A speaker might not produce footsteps sounds very clear in a game that could get you killed by an enemy behind you. so it is important to hear the accurate sounds if you want to fully involved in your game.  These days, The gaming headsets come with multi-channel sounds. Mostly, you will see 7.1 Surround written on the boxes to advertise this feature. The meaning of it is that you can hear the sounds from every angle instead of listening to the footsteps in the same volume as the background music. The volume of enemy footsteps can inform you about the location of your enemy that you need to kill.

Most gaming headsets come equipped with high-quality microphones, They could provide you efficient communication with your teammates. you won’t need to divert your focus on setting up separate microphone accessory near to your face to get your voice captured through it. Most of the gaming headset comes with a boom microphone that stays right near your mouth so it can input your voice signal property without losing any word. while some of the brands put the microphone inside one of the headset ear cups. both of them work great as compared to separate microphone accessory.

What are the Best Gaming Headsets?

According to the NPD Group, the most sold gaming headset was Ear Force Stealth 600 from Turtle Beach. But as time is passing on, Newer headsets are being introduced to gamers. The competition between companies is benefiting consumers. As each of them wants to get ahead from the other one in the sales to capture more profits. That’s the reason they are focusing on offering gaming headsets with newer features and high-end build quality. A high amount of budgets are being invested in the research to find the comfort of the gaming geeks. so their product can make them comfortable for a longer time. Some of them are adding extra pads with specific foams for comfort, while some of them are adding higher quality drivers inside the ear cups to produce more realistic sound to satisfy consumers. Each one of them is trying hard to make their products superior to others to stay at the top of the market. When you will go to the market for finding your next headset, you might get confused by seeing a long list of models available there. It is almost impossible for a normal person to test them all.

What are the Gaming Consoles?

They are practically based on the same hardware as our home desktops, but they are designed specially to run video games. Mostly, they have the same CPU’s that we use on our desktop computers but all the hardware components are selected to make sure that all the video games run flawlessly on them. In contrast to our desktop gaming where we need to make sure that we have the latest drivers for our expensive graphics, Direct X, and all other complicated stuff that is pretty time consuming to set up and a challenge for a nongeek person.

Gaming Consoles are less expensive as compared to their counterpart gaming rigs.  Mostly, all the gaming consoles will cost you around $500 to $1000 that can run all the latest games, the reason behind is that the game developers know the hardware behind gaming consoles so they design the games in a way and optimize them that they run smoothly on consoles. These days, all the games can easily run on the 4K resolution with high FPS. While on the other side, Gaming computers will cost you more than $5000 to run a game in the same graphics settings. So it’s cost-effective to go on the route of gaming consoles instead of high-end expensive computer systems for your gaming needs. As the game writers develop the games for the consoles they also run quicker than its counterpart.

Setting up gaming consoles is straightforward, simply you need to plug and play and they also come with handy joysticks that can upgrade your gaming experience to a new level. You won’t need complicated knowledge to install games and run them. All the consoles are designed to connect with your TV the same as we set up our blue-ray players.

In the current era of gaming, Almost all games have a multiplayer option. So it is pretty difficult to set it up with the home computer. While on the consoles you simply need to connect it to your WiFi almost the same process that we do daily with our mobile phones.

What are the Best Gaming Consoles?

Microsoft Xbox One X is the best gaming consoles to this date. This console has very high powered hardware inside it that allows you to play games in eye-opening 4K HDR resolution with a minimum of 60 FPS. It also has a blue-ray player that offers a new experience of home entertainment. Moreover, we can stream videos from all popular networks like Netflix, HBO, and many more.

The capability of Google assistance makes it easier for you to give commands to your console. You can also get the facility of Amazon’s proprietary Alexa assistance if you like.

The competitor of Xbox One X is the gaming console from the popular Japanese brand Sony. The Playstation 4 Pro boasts almost the same features but according to experts, it has the less powerful hardware inside it as compared to its counterpart. The PS4 Pro also offers 4K HDR resolution gaming but on the selected titles. This console also has a blue-ray player to play 4K resolution movies. when it comes to streaming services, you can watch 4K movies on all of them. Other then simply playing 4K movies, this console comes with specific software that can upscale normal like full HD resolution to 4K which is pretty impressive.

Other than these two kings in gaming consoles, we have many more competitors on the market. Nintendo Switch Gaming Console is another great name under the same category. but this device is designed for portable gaming. below are some names of other gaming consoles that are available in the market but are not well enough to capture the significant percentage of this industry shares.

  • Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Portable Gaming Console
  • Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console

What are the Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox One Console?

Having accurate sounds is a crucial part of gaming as visuals these days. The clear sounds of the games map environment allow you to make correct decisions. The angels of sounds make you aware of the enemy and shootings. and it is not simple enough for normal speakers to produce that kind of sounds that are accurate and precise due to their hardware limitations.

The Xbox One has clearly won the hearts of gamers by delivering an unmatchable performance. The console makes you get into the virtual world and let you enjoy almost all kind of games. Other than having high-resolution television for popping gaming graphics, the Xbox One also demand its users to have compatible auditory device for its immersive sounds. And we bet that expensive speakers can not deliver that thing. The gaming headsets are only the thing at the moment for gamers that can complete this need by offering precise, exact, and accurate gaming sounds.

Finding a perfect gaming headset for your Xbox One is a difficult and time-consuming task. this is where we are going to help you in this section of our guide. at the time of writing this article,  Nari Ultimate Xbox One headset from Razer is the best and fully compatible with the console.

All headsets from the Razer brand are similar in look. They make very little variations in their designs. We have a metal headband that is strong, promising reliability of the headset and ear cups are attached to it beautifully. The ear cups have gel cooled memory foam on them to give you comfortable cool ears for a long period of usage. The left earcup is more populated as compared to the right one. We have a mic button, boom mic attached to it, audio jack for plugging 3.55mm, power button, charging USB port, and game/chat scroll wheel. while on the right ear cup we have a volume scroll button, slot for holding its USB connector.

The overall design of the headset is modern, sleek, clean, and very good looking. when you power on them you will notice RGB lights on both earcups. The headphones come powered with huge 50mm drivers inside them to produce clear and accurate sounds.

To equalize the headphone sounds, which is a very important tool to have. as most of use like different settings of lows, mids, and highs in our headsets. They come with proprietary made Razer Synapse 3.0 version. you will need to plug your headset to a computer in order to make changes. In the software, you can customize the headset, we have equalizer settings, and most importantly for the gamers, we also have settings for RGB lights. you can customize them according to your favorite colors. After opening the software you will see several tabs for customizing the headsets. Sound, Mixer, EQ, Mic, Lighting, Power, and many more just for the convenience of the user to customize it. Vocal clarity and bass enhancement is most liked feature by us in the software. and we must say that the software is pretty powerful, you will see a huge difference in the headset sound after customizing it. After making changes, you can plug it back to your Xbox console to continue enjoying your gaming experience.

When we tested the headsets, we concluded that is has strong wireless signals, it is normal when someone knocks at our door and we mostly forget to put out the headsets from our ears or we want to go to the kitchen for picking up food to eat. The wireless pairing kept intact for all the situations until we stepped out of the house on the porch. and that is quite far away from the streaming source. Having a strong signal is proof that Razer fitted a strong Bluetooth chip inside the headsets for the convenience of the user.

As the ear cups are big enough, Razer gifted its product with a good set of batteries. The headset kept working for 10 hours on a single charge while using them for several uses like watching movies, listening to music, and playing Fortnite at different volume levels. and we can conclude that 10 hours of battery is a great lasting battery for such type of headset.

The boom microphone works great. we tested it while playing Fortnite with our friends and every one of them admired the quality of voice they heard of us. The pick up the quality of the microphone is clear, accurate, and very high quality. your friend won’t hear any disturbing voice from it. The button on the ear cup will mute the microphone and you will a red light on the mic boom indicating it.

The controls on the headsets are easier to find. you will not need to struggle to differentiate among them. It was quite easy to use the mute button, volume button, scroll button, and all other controls provided by it. We have a socket for fitting its USB dongle in it. and we could say it fits well inside it and you will not need to worry about felling it while traveling. you can confidently forget about losing the dongle while traveling.

overall, Razer Nari Ultimate is a gaming headset but we must say that they are all-rounder. We used these wireless gaming headsets with watching movies, listening to music from mobile phones, and many more and it delivered an excellent performance. We would advise this great headset to all the people who are looking for a fully customizable gaming headset for using it as a regular headphone too. The sound performance is great, build quality is great, the design is attractive, microphone performance is clear and accurate, battery life is strong and wireless signals are exceptional. If you are looking for the best premium quality headset for your Xbox One, the Razer Nari Ultimate is the best headset to buy today. Additionally, go here for a fantastic read explaining the best ps4 headsets with reviews.

What are the Best Gaming Headsets for PS4 Console?

Your gaming mate will argue that you have not heard the PS4 games at the best without a dedicated PS4 headset. and we would say that it is true. The specially designed headsets for PS4 gaming console can make your auditory gaming experience to whole a new level of PS4 experience. The exceptionally detailed sound effects, surrounding sounds with a headset will surprise you. having PS4 headset is a must-have accessory to make your gaming experience extraordinary and let us warn you that not all the ordinary headsets can reach the details of PS4 headsets. Even if you are planning to spend a hefty amount of cash in new advertised high-end speakers for your gaming tv can go wasted as there are not any speakers available in the market that can compete with PS4 headsets.

These days several ranges of headsets are being offered in the market.  all of them being advertised as offering great performance but we must aware that most of them will not deliver what they promise you at the time of making a sale. Those days are gone when the headsets were used by only the gamers who like to play multiplayer games. Now you can use them whatever you like to play on your ps4 gaming console. even though, they are blue-ray movies, or streaming Netflix movies. These PS4 headsets will incredibly boost your PS4 experience. Moreover, Using these headsets for the first time will totally change your mind and you will be surprised by the newer sounds of the game that you have not heard before while using them on your gaming TV. You will be able to hear the tiniest sound separately from your headsets without the interference of any background music which is the ordinary case with other gaming setups. You will be able to aware of the enemy’s footsteps more clearly and can enjoy PS4 games with better focus.

And luckily, we are not asking you to spend thousands of dollars for a simple gaming headset. These days there are numerous PS4 headsets are being offered on the market that varies in quality as well as cost. you can find a good deal of great performing ps4 headset from as low as $40 to $300. But it does not mean that you just go to the market and buy whatever the shop person is willing to sell. An ordinary shopkeeper can not advise you on investing the hard-earned money in the right place. That’s the reason we wrote this guide to advise the people finding the best headsets for the PS4 Console.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game is from Beyerdynamic is the best PS4 headset you can buy today.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a wired gaming headset. As most audiophiles already argued that still, the wireless Bluetooth headphones can not compete with the wired headsets in terms of sound performance they deliver.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a comfortable headset with Closed Back type. The cable that it comes with it is 1.5m in length that is quite comfortable for the gaming setup. The weight of these headsets is 282g that is not heavy as more weight could put pressure on your head and it may make your gaming experience less comfortable and trouble maker for your health. the driver inside Beyerdynamic Custom Game is 50mm that is quite a good size for delivering strong bass.

Other than using this headset on PS4, this headphone is compatible with PC, Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Switch too.

What is your PS4 headset budget? if you do not want to consider this question and looking for the best headset for your PS4 not compromising on the sound performance we would suggest you buy Beyerdynamic Custom Game immediately. They are great to set of headsets for your PS4 experience. Furthermore, if you desire to see more choices before deciding your next headset for PS4, navigate here for a great guide.


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