The History of Computer-Animated Music Videos

The electronic device which helps to make the world digitalized and facilitate the users that they can do their daily task effectively on it. The electronic device, which is known for computer facilitate the users for storing and processing the data. But after the invention of the computer users feel difficulty while using it because of the poor graphics. In 1940 to resolve the graphic issue, computer scientists start working on computer graphics, and the new concept was introduced in the field of graphics is the animation which is a computer-generated image. Users can easily do their work on computers efficiently.

Computer animation is the mechanism in which the digital image is generated. The generic term for computer animation is CGI, which is computer-generated imagery that includes both static and dynamic images. Animation refers to the movement in a picture, and there two methods to create its animation is


The image drawn on computers using different assisting tools is called computer-assisted animation


The computer-generated image is known for the 3D image which characters as x, y, and z-axis.

History of Computer-Animated Music Videos

In the 1970 producer trying to embed the computer animation concept for creating the videos, the MTV initially introduced the music video. The accident will happen the first animated video which was developed in 1978. Mostly use of the paint and ink in the video.
Rebeca Allen was a great artist when she became interested in computer studies then Rebeca started classes at MIT. Lynn Goldsmith, who produced the oddball album for mental health and impresario Chris Blackwell, had introduced Allen with Lynn. Allen, we know, is the great artist, and she developed two creative clips for the Goldsmith, which were released in 1983, filename Smilie Smile. The smile was the best-animated video at that time.

Ric Ocasek’s retro-New Wave band, who was the most resilient hitmakers of 1980 and introduced a new tool to the world, is a Quanetl paint box, and this is the first commercial tool that enables to draw and combined on the top of video film. Originally the tool was designed for the weather update and Tv news. The tool quickly makes its place in the market with greater demand of the users. You might think it is the last video for 1984 hit in which the first time 3D motion of the objects was used. The clip becomes the first video to add to the collection of the museum of contemporary art.

CeeLo green 2010 single F*ck you started to pick up steam in August. CeeLo is the Atlanta rapper. His label knew that video would be the best way to keep that momentum going, but green was not available for the clip, then management use kinetic typography where the lyrics of the song appear on the screen.

The final journey end with the digital pop up star Hatsune Miku ”world is Mine,” and her animated style avatar became a memetic icon.

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