Function of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a miracle technology for the people who hate those cables running around their computers or other electronic devices. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless tech that vanished all the cables around the electronic devices almost. It’s a technology that is based purely on the radio signals.

The main function of Bluetooth is that it replaces the cables connecting electronic devices, and instead of cables it uses air to transmit the electronic signals. It helps a person to make a phone call through his/her wireless headset. Or use a wireless mouse, keyboards and other pc addons available these days. They all run on the Bluetooth. Even you can transfer data between two or more devices with the help of this technology.

The Bluetooth is a standard in radio waves, and mostly it operates in 2.4 Ghz. It comes with a transceiver which helps devices to send and receive signals. And through these signals people are able to transfer data between devices easily.

So now the question comes how can we use this technology in real life examples.

If you want to stream music on your portable Bluetooth speaker from your mobile phone. First of you will need to turn on the Bluetooth mode in your Bluetooth speakers. After that you will enable Bluetooth in your mobile phone and ask it to search for the devices nearby. It will take a few minutes and will provide you a list of products that are available ready to pair with your smartphone. And obviously there will be a name of your smartphone speaker too. Select the option to pair with your speaker and it will start the process. While process pairing mode it can ask some kind of password or pin code that can be provided by the speakers manufacture. That’s it after connecting it whenever you will go near the device and enable the Bluetooth mode on your smart phone, it will automatically connect with it and start streaming the music.

If you want to connect a wireless mouse to your PC or notebook. Most of the notebooks comes with Bluetooth transmitters, if it does not you will need to buy Bluetooth USB dongle which does have transmitter inside it and lets you pair Bluetooth devices. After attaching this dongle to your PC or notebook you will be asked to install driver in your windows pc. And windows will give option to enable Bluetooth. Now the second part is to check your mouse either it is ready to pair with your pc. Most of the mice goes stand by automatically to save energy so make sure it is turned on. After you might find a button on your mouse that will allow you to make it ready for pairing. Now just turn on the mouse pairing and it will take a few seconds to pair with it. And your wireless mouse will be ready to perform on your pc or notebook wireless.

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